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Obscure Treasures: Suely Mesquita

Suely Mesquita writes songs about being a potato, about witches in downtown Rio, the art of dying "well", becoming an ant, and being a man proud to have a loose wife. She hasn't made gold records, but is the go-to writer for Brazilian stars who need something more substantial to chew on between slices of pop. Author Bob Gaulke, having discovered her music, traveled to Brazil to interview Suely and the many musicians she has worked along side. The result is a fascinating book that describes the processes and inspiration that birth her songs. Included is a 19 song cd that introduces you to the body of work by one of Brazil's best songwriters.

Walt Curtis: Salmon Poet…Standing In The Fire Of Love

Walt Curtis has been Oregon's unofficial Poet Laureate since the 1970's (he prefers "poet lariat"). Over those years, he has published many books, including Mala Noche, which inspired Gus Van Sant’s first film. For 35 years, he has championed the works of other writers on The Talking Earth, his KBOO-fm radio show and has been featured in films such as Penny Allen’s Property and Paydirt, Bill Plympton's docudrama The Peckerneck Poet, and, more recently, in Salmon Poet, by filmmaker Sabrina Guitart. Walt was awarded the “Stewart Holbrook Award for Significant Contribution to Oregon Literature” by the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts in 1991. Sharing the stage in the early days with William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and Ken Kesey and then later with the crowds at punk venue Satyricon, the Mediterranean, The Long Goodbye or out on the streets, Walt's presence and influence has always been real, honest and immense. Enjoy an hour long recording of Walt reading his poetry and speaking his mind.

Harmonic Convergence On The Olympian

Seattle's Green Pajamas and Oakland's Boatclub recently converged on Portland for a meeting of the minds and guitars. It was a historic & harmonic event. Lay your ears onto a podcast of the proceedings.


a Portland live music podcast featuring 2 songs each by Explode Into Colors, Mike Coykendall & the Golden Shag, The Minus 5 and the Lex Browning Band.

X : Half Way Round The World

the legendary Australian band, X, plans an intervention, rather than an invasion, of America. Gretchen Wood shares a cuppa tea and a chinwag with Steve Lucas prior to the band's first US tour. Listen to a 33 minute podcast from their Portland show (audio player and photos from the gig at the end of the article)

“But I Can’t Let It Go” (further reflections on The Church)

In anticipation of The Church's current "An Intimate Space: 30th Anniversary" acoustic tour, author Robert Dean Lurie looks back at last year's critically lauded album Untitled #23 and the best live show he's ever witnessed by the band. What he sees are New Beginnings.

PDX_2X4 : Pills, Pop, Pearls & Swine

PDX_2X4 is a monthly podcast celebrating the bands of Portland, Oregon. Episode One shines a light on The Welfare State, Derby, Lewi Longmire Band & Drunken Prayer

Dex Romweber Duo Hit The Road

Come on in ....and listen to a recent live gig by the Dex Romweber Duo. While the new album is great, with a primal mix of rockers, rave ups & ballads and the added bonus of duets with Neko Case, Exene Cervenka and Cat Power, the truth is ...Dex & Sara don’t need the help….their performance is telepathic, powerful and maybe even a bit dangerous. They are a must-see when they hit your town....

Juana Molina ……Es fantástico

VIDEO: Juana Molina from Argentina is a sonic explorer. This documentary follows her transition from a beloved TV comedian to one of the world's unique performers.

The Unthanks : Sea Song

Video: The Unthanks singing a moving version of Robert Wyatt's classic song, Sea Song

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Obscure Treasures: Suely Mesquita

Obscure Treasures: Suely Mesquita

An Introduction To The Music Of Suely Mesquita by Bob Gaulke (author of Sexo Puro: A Life In Brazilian Song, Verse ...

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X : Half Way Round The World

X : Half Way Round The World

Deep in the city canyons of Melbourne, Australia, a band called X gathers at the Cherry Bar on ACDC Lane. This is their fourth rehearsal before their first American tour, 33 years after the band was born ...

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