Television: Call Mr. LloydOctober 1, 2009

It was 7 years ago that I first heard Tom Verlaine say: “This here’s a newie….goes like this”

It was 7 years ago that I first heard Tom Verlaine say:
“This here’s a newie….goes like this”

And finally a new Television album is nearing completion,
albeit without Richard Lloyd, who left to persue The
Radiant Monkey and his own musical vision. So its sheer
conjecture as to which of these new TV songs will have made
it into the studio along with replacement, Jimmy Rip.

Here, then, is a compilation of live performances of those
new songs as performed in recent years. May this serve as
a fitting farewell to Mr Lloyd’s involvement with the group
and an appreciation of his contribution to the evolving of
these new songs.

These are audience recordings so sonic quality is not ideal.
However,the passion is all there in the zeros & the ones…

01 I Could Sleep All Day (Washington DC 2003-03-24)
02 Rise & Fall (London 2005-06-21)
03 Frustration (Sao Paolo 2005-10-25)
04 Flower Spasm (London 2005-06-21)
05 Balloon (Washington DC 2003-03-24)
06 Persia (London 2004-06-23)
07 The Sea ((Hamburg 2004-06-18)

bonus tracks:
08 Swells Pt 1 / Stars / Swells Pt 2 (Sao Paolo 2005-10-25)
09 Stax (Hamburg 2004-06-18)
10 Stockhausen Pysche Jam (London 2004-06-23)
11 Bowie medley (London 2002-06-18
12 Love Theme From Piranha (London 2002-06-18)
13 “Hits On TV” (London 2002-06-19)

55:19 minutes

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The Radiant Monkey

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1. John C. Link | October 18, 2009

I’ve had this for awhile now. I was first hipped to it before I had befriended the generous Mr. Lippincott (your host & benefactor here) on FB. I am SO grateful for this. It represents nothing less than the 2nd “lost” Television album.
The first one is all the pre-Marquee Moon official release material- whether you want to include Eno demos, or go back to the Richard Hell days; tracks like “U.F.O.” (thanks to Steve McAvoy for teaching me how to play that one)…in fact anything they played that didn’t end up on one of the first two albums- not to slight the great eponymous third album, it was just much later.
This is the album that never was. If Verlaine ever does release these tracks without Lloyd, then, in my book, he’s releasing a Tom Verlaine solo album that has been mis-listed as Television. Television without Richard Lloyd ISN’T. It’s The Tom Verlaine Band- albeit with a great rhythm section & maybe a great 2nd guitarist too, but it ain’t Television.
I forwarded this link to my old friend Leigh who caught many a Television gig featuring these very tracks. I left NYC in 2000. I’d hear about these shows from Leigh. I almost made a few of them. I only caught these guys once, in the early 90’s in Toronto on the tour for the third album.

There is no Box Set of lost material, & precious little documentation when compared to how amazing this band was. This compilation goes a long way towards correcting that by showing us what is, up to this point at least, the last incarnation of Television….let’s just hope it’s not the final last one…Blessings!

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